About Us


Thanks for stopping by! Brain Brigade was first launched as offering schools after school programs and summer camps in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Since our inception, we have hosted numerous after school programs and summer camps that give students the opportunity to be hands-on with their learning.

We have branched significantly since our early days! We still offer our original after school and science programs led by veteran teacher, Jerry {and Head Brainiac at Brain Brigade!}. But now we’re so excited to offer up Jerry’s almost 40 years of teaching experience to other teachers through our store at Teachers Pay Teachers. That’s where Jolene comes into play. Jolene is one of Jerry’s daughters {he has four!}. She is a freelance graphic designer and marketing guru and works diligently on making Jerry’s incredible classroom come to life for other teachers. She helps take the nuts and bolts, makes them pretty and gets them posted!

Jerry’s latest classroom ventures include creating a Maker Space at his kindergarten through eighth grade school where students become inventors and engineers to make amazing creations including duct tape and cardboard boats, roller coaster track and cart that were big enough for kids to ride on, a 12-foot truss bridge, pneumatic tube system, and a full scale aquaponics lab with tilapia and greens to eat at the end of the school year!