After School

Brain Brigade offers hands-on after school and weekend programs for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. We specialize in Chemistry, Flight, Robotics and Rocketry.

Got Gas?

A study of atmospheric gases. Students collect and test the characteristics of different gases and find out how they are used in our world.

Acids & Bases

What is an acid and a base? Test for various acids and bases.


Dissect a diaper. Make slime. Walk on a non-neutonian liquid.

Mini Engineers (Grades 1-3)

Explore: Wheels. Axles. Friction. Gravity. Speed. Mass. Gear ratios. Motorized Vehicles.

Lego Robotics (Grades 4-8)

Explore: Axles. Gears. Friction. Speed. Build a wireless Lego Tankbot and program the tankbot to complete tasks. Programming challenges can include light and touch sensors!

What makes a hot air balloon and an airplane fly?

Discover Bernoulli’s Principle. Build and launch a hot air balloon. Build and fly a rubber band powered airplane.

Beginning Rockets

Build and launch pop rockets, air pressure rockets, and water bottle rockets. Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Advanced Rocketry

Build and launch a chemical rocket car. Protect astronauts from destruction in your personally designed rocket sled. Build and launch a chemical rocket.

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