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  • Friday Follies: Why You Should Lie to Kids, Part 1 – Brain Brigade

    Martians are among us. It’s me, Mrs. Brainiac, back to share more of her knowledge about science and technology. The movie, The Martian, was actually based loosely on the creative NASA Mars Survival plan. Some of the science is accurate, some not so much. Even NASA and Time Magazine agree that there are least nine NASA […]

  • Aquaponics 101 – Brain Brigade

    I’m assisting Oconomowoc High School with the aquaponics system in their greenhouse. So far we have set up two systems with 50 tilapia in one tank and 50 perch in a second tank. We are facing some challenges with our systems from the heat that is building when the outside temperature reaches 70 degrees or […]

  • How to Design an Awesome Maker Space to Bust Summer Boredom – Brain Brigade

    Summer is just around the corner and it is time for me to get our Maker Space at home back into full gear before school lets out! We moved last fall and we haven’t found a great place to set up our Maker Space.  Although our house is significantly larger (we were in an 850 square […]

  • Why a Maker Space is a MUST in your Classroom – Brain Brigade

    Hello friends. What does it mean to have a maker space in your school? First of all, there is not a standard definition of what a maker space should be. It can be as simple as a corner of your classroom where students can tinker, disassemble a broken computer, make a truss bridge with craft […]

  • Transform Your Teaching by Thinking Backwards with Seth Godin – Brain Brigade

    I have recently become a podcast addict. I use the app Podcast Addict which just feeds my hobby. Yes, I now call it a hobby. It’s feeding my mind in a way that books used to {pre-kid days}. I still read, but not with the voracity that I used to. Now, I can fill my brain […]

  • 11 Creative Marshmallow and Toothpick STEM Challenges – Brain Brigade

    STEM Challenges can be low cost ways to incorporate learning concepts in your classroom or maker space. One classic favorite of mine are marshmallow and toothpick challenges. We started a Creator Club a few weeks ago. Our kids meet once a week to do hands-on learning projects. We have kids from 4K to 4th grade. […]

  • Friday Follies: Meet the Parent – Brain Brigade

    I snagged her on the way out the door this morning. She’s going to flip when she sees I used this photo. She thinks she looks terrible – I think she’s adorable! This morning we’re going to give you a little Behind the Scenes Tour at Brain Brigade. Well, really, I’m going to introduce you […]

  • Air Pressure Experiments (IV): The Big Can Crush – Brain Brigade

    I have a series of air pressure experiments (Air Pressure I – The Small Can Crusher, Air Pressure II – Prank, Air Pressure III – Antics, Bernoulli’s Principle), that I’ve done over the years that always amaze my students. I have fun doing these, too. I think when I enjoy a classroom demonstration, my students tend […]

  • Introducing LEDs and Bright Fun to Your Students! – Brain Brigade

    LEDs, or their long name, “Light Emitting Diodes” offer a great deal of cheap, impressive fun in a classroom or Maker Space. We’ve used LEDs with students as young as third grade with great success. Students can explore and create incredible projects once they understand the basics of LEDs. Using SMD LEDs offers many learning […]

  • Hydroponics 101.1 Chemical Nutrients – Brain Brigade

    We talk about hydroponics and aquaponics around here like it’s NBD. Jolene suggested that I do a hydroponics and an aquaponics 101 for the classroom for those of you who are new to this gardening technique. Hydroponics provides a great opportunity for hands on, authentic learning in the classroom. Since hydroponics deals with nutrients only […]