Experimenting with Hydroponic Gardening to Grow Strawberries – Brain Brigade

If you’re new to our blog, welcome! We generally talk education topics like STEM, STEAM, science, hands-on learning and maker spaces. But in our spare time, we tinker! And now that Jerry of Brain Brigade has officially retired from teaching…he has MORE spare time! We have been involved in many hydroponic and aquaponics projects in … Read more

Maker Space – Brain Brigade

What is a Maker Space? The short answer: A place where you make. The long answer: A place to encourage and inspire students to challenge themselves and learn to think creatively and critically. You can set up a Maker Space in your classroom that is designed to foster hands on learning. What can a student do … Read more

Friday Follies: It’s All Fun and Games Until…. – Brain Brigade

Saturday morning. Spending some time challenging a couple hundred kids with fabricating foam rockets. They are loving getting out of the classroom and into the cafeteria for a hands on experience building foam rockets and then launching them. They persistently brainstorm ways to get the rockets to go farther and higher. Through trial and error, … Read more

After School

Brain Brigade offers hands-on after school and weekend programs for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. We specialize in Chemistry, Flight, Robotics and Rocketry. Got Gas? A study of atmospheric gases. Students collect and test the characteristics of different gases and find out how they are used in our world. Acids & Bases What is an … Read more

Makers Lab

I established a Makers Lab at Friess Lake Elementary in Wisconsin for kindergarten through eighth grade. This is one of the first elementary and middle schools in the nation to have a Makers Lab.  This is where my creativity and knowledge lies. Learn more about how to establish a Makers Lab in your school district! … Read more


Enrich the experience that your school district provides for your students by establishing a Makers Lab. I’d be happy to provide assistance in building a Makers Lab from the ground up. I have expertise in budgeting, applying for grants, operating, activities, and resources. Contact me for assistance in customizing a program for your students. Programs … Read more